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Studio | JOOY consist of the two designers, Magnus Nero, with studio in the middle of Sweden and Ingemar Jönsson, with studio in the green hills of Henley outside of London. We have had the fortune of collaborating with some of the greatest companies in the design industry, including; Artek, Tomdixon, Ercol, Keen, Herman Miller,  MOOI, and Umage. Ten years ago we we set up JOOY design studio together in Sweden and the United Kingdom. Designs and products, from lights to architecture, have been brought to fruition over a multitude of different areas; from Japan to the U.S

Our approch to design is hands on. We work with endless models and prototypes in the process of refinement to sculpt our visions into timeless products. We reject complexity in our simple and haptic style. With a large network base who assist us in our process to achieve the utmost quality and finish when it comes to our designs. Our work shop is our indisputable center where all creative designs come together.

When you look at a design and feel excited and in harmony at the same time, the goal with the design is reached ...

Form, material and colour are all fine tuned,

they sing together !


Use the knowledge and energy from all involved in the projects. Accomplish great things together.



Inspiration comes from living where light and seasons differ greatly. Shapes and lights from the nature is big source of inspiration. Keep the design simple, calm and functional in a Scandinavian style


Engage for fully in ongoing projects to keep momentum and lay a good foundation for success.


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